Tribute For A Fallen Horse

Girl With Horse

The passing of a horse can be a traumatic and harrowing experience for an owner. You may find it helpful, when mourning an equine companion’s passing, to celebrate his, or her, life. Cherish the fond memories that you have and always keep a place in your heart for that very special equine friend.

Horses are simply incredible creatures. They are extremely gentle, loyal and loving. Many people claim that once a horse has touched your life you will be irrevocably altered by the experience.

The bond that is created between a horse and its owner is a quite remarkable phenomenon. Humans and horses appear to share a connection that is almost spiritual. It may, in part, be forged by the experience of riding, during which a horse and its rider are moving as one. Whatever the cause, the close connection remains, even after death.

If you have experienced the loss of a horse, you may have found that there is a void in your life that can never be filled, but remember, the spirit of your horse lives on in your memory. It is natural to mourn the loss of your beloved pet, as a member of your family.

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