The Passing Of A Cat

Woman With Cat

The passing of a cat is a difficult time for owners. While mourning the death of your cat, remember that he, or she, will always be with you as long as you carry him, or her, in your heart.

There is a connection between cats and their owners that is unlike any other domesticated animal. In fact, the bond between a cat and its owner is something quite mystical. In many ways, cats are very similar to humans, they can be independent, moody and sometimes even envious, but that brings with it a satisfaction in knowing that your cat has chosen to stick with you. Cats give love on their own terms, which makes it all the more heartwarming when they do offer affection.

A cat’s death is often akin to losing a human member of the family, which many people, who do not own pets, may find difficult to understand. However, anybody that has owned a cat will know that its death is felt deeply and keenly.

Suddenly, your house may seem very empty, with no scurrying, scratching or snoozing in your laundry basket. Regardless of your religious beliefs, it is reassuring to remember that your cat’s spirit lives on in your memory.

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