The Loss Of A Faithful Friend

Woman With Dog

A dog’s death is a heartbreaking experience and most owners suffer the grief of losing not only a pet, but also a beloved family member. However, the soul of your dog is never gone and will always be with you.

Dogs will always have a special place in the hearts of their owners. They offer companionship and have a wonderful way of making their human companion feel wanted, needed and loved. In many ways, dogs are better than we are, they are constantly loyal, loving and are often willing to sacrifice their own lives to save that of their owners. A dog is always pleased to see you, will never judge you and has boundless supplies of love and affection. The term ‘man’s best friend’ is not simply a cliché. In fact, you may often find that dogs are the very best friends you will ever know.

Tragically, the life of a dog is comparative short and many owners avoid thinking about the mortality of their pet. In fact, after a dog’s passing, owners often experience the same level of grief that the death of a friend or family member would bring. Therefore, it is healthy and perfectly natural to mourn for your dog and recognize that nothing and nobody can ever replace your cherished pet.

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